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Car Weather stripping and inner fender

Windshield rubber

High Quality EPDM with moulded joint

Windshield Moulding

High Quality EPDM/ PVC with corner joint

Door rubber

High Quality EPDM sponge fit many kind of car

Glass run channel

High Quality EPDM with flocking and coating.

Weatherstrip Belt

High Quality EPDM/ PVC for both outer and inner door.

Side window rubber

High quality EPDM

Vent rubber

High Quality EPDM fit for most classic car.

Trunk rubber

Many type of profiles of Pinch-weld.

Plastic inner fender

High Quality HDPE thermoforming vacuum.

Plastic under engine

High Quality HDPE thermoforming vacuum.

Hood insulator

Heat resist ,Sound absorb and safety for health.

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Car weather stripping and inner fender

List of specified car model windshield weather stripping & molding, Door weather stripping and plastic inner fender. Perfect fit as Original style with moulded joint corner and plastic clips. Best for any car windshield replacement and car restoration.