Q & A

    • How can I find the correct products?

      Simply filled car model you need in search box, our website will generate all items related with that model for you. You also can narrower by filter type of vehicle on the left side panel. Sparepart are very complicated.
      If you are not certain about product will fit your vehicle or not, please feel free to Contact us.

    • Will you ship products internationally?

      Yes, of course we ship products worldwide.

    • What are the quality of the products?

      We are professional in weatherstrip and inner fender with more than 30 years experience. Eventhough our products are aftermarket replacement but our quality can compare like Original parts, Perfect fit and easily fit.
      Our products are under SPM brand, rubber product made from high quality EPDM material and Plastic inner fender made from HDPE material with thermo forming process. These materials and production process are following original standard.

    • What if I couldn't find part I looking for?

      There are more than 10000 weatherstrip and inner fender items we've already made, it's too many to upload and sales all online. If you are looking for some weatherstrip products or inner fender but couldn't find it showing on website, please feel free to Contact us.
      We accept to develop any weatherstrip and plastic inner fender refer to customer samples as well. We need sample or drawing to discuss about development details and conditions. Please feel free to Contact us.

    • Will you able to offer to the wholesaler?

      Yes, we exported our products to many dealers and importers all around the world. Please contact us and let us know your inquiry detail.

    • What are option of delivery?

      We usually use standard courier such like FedEx, DHL for most of shipments. It's fast and secure. We also can send goods via standard post service that take longer time and less secure ,please contact directly for let us know you need us to ship with standard post.

    • Why shipping cost for plastic inner fender are expensive?

      Some of our products have big size and light weight. Every courier will calculate shipping charge from dimension instead of actual weight.
      However, we can offer standard post rate that will not calculate from dimension but the delivery time will take longer. Please let us know if this option acceptable.

    • What are payment method?

      We accept payment by PayPal ,Credit card VISA/MASTER as default. After checkout ,you will be redirected to your PayPal account page and you can decide to send payment by using PayPal balance or using VISA/MASTER.

    • Can I send Payment by Bank wire transfer?

      In term of international transfer, we accept to receive payment from Bank transfer/ Telex-transfer for amount over than 2000 USD. We will send customer Bank account detail with SWIFT code to make the payment in case of Bank wire transfer will be made.

    • How long products will be deliver after payment was made?

      Once we receive the payment confirmation ,we will arrange shipment right within 1-2 days. Sometimes item are accidentally out of stock, we will email you notification for confirmation of full refund or customer are willing wait until item available and ready to be ship.